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When you are completely free from boundaries you don’t have to have a huge number of material things. You already own something far more precious…. “you own yourself”. This contended feel can be given or experienced only when you have those happy hormones with you, in you.

History of Chocolate

The Mesoamerican history has its own remarked beginning and usage of coco bean made in to chocolate. The chocolate which seemed to have a simple audibility and word of command means has tremendous and huge advantage in its self. The chocolates were considered as the food of gods. Yes, it carried so much of significance in its self due to its n number of uses.
Its always said that ‘Chocolates are always been my weakness!’. So here is a small attempt to make that small weakness in to a whole big strength by eating this powerful bite of Darkolates in right way and right sense. It all started with a worry as to the most available and easily, readily and accessible treat is a chocolate, which being totally ruined into worthless nuts

About the chef: Priyanka

Chocolate it has always been my weakness. Cooking being My Greatest passion, all-time favourite time pass my recreational activity and myself in different moods with difficult flavours.

Good cooking is like good painting; it can be sensed but not explained. It all started from a thought that many amongst my circle and especially amongst kids the eating of chocolates bought lot of dangerous and unhealthy situations where they were totally deprived of eating chocolates at an early age and a childhood spent without eating chocolates is as good as life with no smile and fun.

I love cooking With chocolates it has always been key ingredient in my kitchen. But I must admit I have felt daunted too, especially when it comes to tasks more complex than swirling chocolates through my varieties.

And I suddenly became interested in making chocolates rather than just eating it. I wanted to make great composition for the thoughts which strike in my mind to do than experiment in the kitchen. Chocolate making quickly became my passion. It was in 2017 and the start of Darkolates. But I must admit I have felt daunted too, especially when it comes to tasks more complex than swirling chocolates through my varieties.

So here is a small attempt to make a bit of revision and present the most meaningful piece of happiness…. The Chocolate.

Darkolates presents the most and highly expensive happiness treating micro granules in it. Darkolates has made sincere attempt to bring health and taste in one line. Chocolates needs to be melted carefully and then tempered if you want it to look perfect. Then there is all that dipping and moulding. It sounded like a great faff.

Then one day i asked myself, are you the same girl who started chocolate making from nothing but enthusiasm? Deep down i was afraid of the composition i wanted to bring out of my mind to hands and then to the taste buds – so I gave myself a pep talk and haven’t looked back again.

Balanced diet is chocolate in hands.

Yes, I am here talking about me you and chocolates. You can’t buy happiness but you can buy chocolate and that’s kind of the same thing. Something which is not an addiction and it is simply a real necessity, is the chocolate.

Taste and health in same line

Darkolates presents the way or has paved the way for this healthy journey by bring in the most sensualising, tantalising and relishing real dark chocolates that satiates the gourmet taste buds.

Origin of Darkolates

The creation of Darkolates from bean to bar is a fascinating and lengthy process. It’s important to understand what goes into making this luxurious ingredient since there are so many varieties of chocolates available on the market. Knowing how it is made and what composition it is of, will help you choose a good quality product. It is easy to be tempted to buy a cheaper alternative when there are so many in the market but we have always been a believer in using in good quality ingredients.

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