The First and Only

Certified Female Level 3 Chocolate Taster

The first and only Certified Female Level 3 Chocolate Taster from International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao. (IICCT) London

Darkolates is a proud Indian brand which engages itself in using Indian cacao beans to produce the healthiest and fantabulous recipes.

Darkolates presents the most and highly expensive happiness treating micro granules in it. Darkolates has made sincere attempt to bring health and taste in one line.

Darkolates presents the way or has paved the way for this healthy journey by bringing in the most sensualising, tantalising and relishing real dark chocolates that satiates the gourmet taste buds.

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The creation of Darkolates from bean to cube is a fascinating and lengthy process. It’s important to understand what goes into making this luxurious recipe since there are so many varieties of chocolates available in the market. Knowing how it is made and what composition it is of, will help you choose a good quality product. It is easy to be tempted to buy a cheaper alternative when there are so many in the market but we have always been a believer in using good quality ingredients.

What sets apart the class of Darkolates from others is the purest form of every bit and bite..

It means we do not encourage any sort of chemical interventions as in PGPRs, artificial flavouring agents, preservatives and most importantly NO LECITHIN.

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