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Years Experience
Founder of Darkolates

Priyanka Ravi Entrepreneur | Certified Master Chocolatier | Nutritional Expert

A dynamic and accomplished entrepreneur with a passion for chocolate and a proven track record of success. With 6 years of experience as the Founder & MD of Darkolates, I have combined my legal background and culinary expertise to create a thriving business in the world of gourmet chocolates. A certified Master Chocolatier, I am dedicated to crafting exquisite confections and driving innovation in the chocolate industry.

A dedicated professional with a unique blend of nutrituonal and health knowledge, culinary artistry, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of chocolate-making, I am passionate about creating delightful experiences through my creations and contributing to the advancement of the health and chocolate industries as a summed up subject to give Darkolates as the best nutritional supplement to the world .

More details of Priyanka Ravi

  • Bachelor of Academic and Legislative Law (BAL LLB)
  • Graduated from Siddharth Law College with rank from Gulbarga University

Founder & MD, Darkolates

  • Led the strategic planning, development, and growth of Darkolates, a pioneering gourmet chocolate company.
  • Leveraged legal acumen to navigate regulatory and business challenges, contributing to the company's sustainable expansion.
  • Overseeing all aspects of the business, from production and quality control to marketing and customer relations.

  • Certified Master Chocolatier
  • Certified Chocolate Taster (Level 3) from the International Institute of Cacao and Chocolate Tasting, London.
  • Certified Cacao Evaluator from the International Institute of Cacao and Chocolate Tasting, Thailand.
  • Certified Nutrigenomics Expert, specializing in personalized nutrition and genetic influences on dietary needs.
  • Certified Maternal and Child Nutritionist, providing expert guidance on nutrition during pregnancy and early childhood.

Featured Speaker at Josh Talks, sharing insights on entrepreneurship, chocolate craftsmanship, and the journey of building Darkolates.

  • Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  • Gourmet Chocolate Production and Innovation
  • Legal Acumen for Business Success
  • Nutritional Science and Expertise
  • Public Speaking and Thought Leadership

Vision & Mission


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